Polkanoid is the photographic work of Katherine Zymla and Emmanuel Françoise, lovers and parents of 3. We're based in Paris - France.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to order a signed print of our photos. We can also offer you our vision for your project, family or company.

portrait-kz.png Katherine Zymla  (Polka) - View Portfolio

I dance Polka since the age of two and cook  gluten free cakes.

I love to capture instant of life with Polaroid cameras. With Polaroid film you have a limited number of shots, you think more before taking the shot, you think quality rather than quantity.

portrait-ef.jpg Emmanuel Françoise (Noid) - View Portfolio

Humanoid of the planet earth, I love analog films and cameras.

My favorites toys are Polaroid Instant Cameras to capture ambiances and feelings.

With Analog Film you can't cheat. No electronic, no crop, no photoshop, no Inst*gr*m effect. Only your eye, a light meter, an Instant Camera and a (expired) film.


 Polaroid Festival  Expolaroid 2014